Maybe we can do it

We have been persuaded to work hard.
An agreement was established with the Wiking Kuźnia foundation, which was established in order to rebuild and operate the s/y Freya . The Foundation is managed by Piotr and Anna Ferenc. Their task is to secure funds for the entire process.
The scope of the agreement includes the reconstruction of the yacht from scratch. The process includes the reconstruction of the hull using modern technologies. The hull will be equipped with modern technical and navigational equipment.
It will also receive new sails, rigging and engine.
The interior of the yacht will be built according to modern standards ensuring sailing comfort.
We ambitiously agreed to complete the work and prepare the yacht for a sailing tour to Greenland on the fiftieth anniversary of Captain Bogucki’s trip to Greenland.

Yacht legend! Built by the Gdańsk Shipyard for Bogucki’s sailing tour to Greenland in 1969. Super safe and grateful in running. Sensational behavior in difficult conditions. A real yacht for real sailors. J-80 is a perfect series of yachts for large and ambitious cruises. In 1968, Capt. Dariusz Bogucki on the yacht “Freya” set out on a few-month cruise to Greenland. It was the first expedition to Western Greenland in the history of the Polish and second world sailing. Yacht designation: originally VIII-PZ-14, from 1976: PZ-94, currently: POL-94

New cooperation agreement

A cooperation was established with a Dutch company supplying hulls for workboats. The cooperation includes the design phase and preparation of production documentation. The cooperation includes mutual representation on the Polish and Dutch markets. The mutual agreement will come into force at the beginning of 2018.

Conract for generator housing

We implement vacuum lamination technology for the wind generator housing. We have concluded contracts for the supply of four generators.

We have taken a contract from a German company that has been supplying the housing so far. The current legal situation caused a reduction in orders, which caused interest in the small scale of production of small manufactur.

The value of the order is for the amount 68 000 €

We hope to change the legal regulations and further orders

New contract for supply

A new contract for the supply of retail packing for a partner from GermanySubject of the contract:

Greased shaft glands. 

order for 50 pieces in the two most common sizes.

After delivery from last year, we received excellent feedback about the product. The incredible reliability of the solution was appreciated. The simplicity of service and high durability.

We also carry out individual orders for customers.